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"Amazing, Awesome, Inspirational, Soulful! There are no other words or thoughts that come to mind except these four listed above. It's a must have album!"

"This really is a cool album. I have some nice headphones I listen to it with and it sounds incredible. Outstanding thinking music!"

"It's really an amazing album! I'd recommend it to ANYONE!"

"I love his music. I can play it at work and at home. It seems to be relaxing after a long day and other times energizing. I recommend it to all my friends and family. An album I can listen to over and over."

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  1 - The Rest Is Just Me
  2 - Hiding Place
  3 - Occupy Me
  4 - Bedtime
  5 - I Once Was Young
  6 - Alone
  7 - Dreams of Flying
  8 - Stephenie
  9 - Eta Carinae
10 - Sleep

San wrote his first song in 1986 on an Ensoniq, which he bought after waking from a dream in which he'd heard a tune that had yet to be written and decided he had to find a way to re-create it.

Composing soon became a passion, then an obsession, and as the years progressed he realized that it was more rewarding to try and capture his own life through the songs he was writing, hoping to express these personal experiences in a way that might allow him to relive the moments, the lessons, the joys and even revisit the sorrows that life had been for him thus far.

In 2011, after sharing these compositions with friends and family on multiple occasions, he finally realized that these songs not only took him back to these moments himself, but they could take others into similar emotional places and times.

The decision was made to compile 10 of these songs onto a CD and release it on the web. In April 2012, "HIDING PLACE" was released.

San's 2nd release, tentatively titled "SUN CHASER", is in the works.



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